Friday, 18 March 2016

It's a new world

My favourite float of Dublin's St. Patrick's Day parade was the simple one of the reenactment of Pixar's "Up" movie. Thankfully I got to see most of the parade this year as we waited an hour and a half before the start of the parade. 

Unfortunately, being my height doesn't amount to much even when I have one or two people in front of me at the barrier. The sun was shining down on Dublin which was great but I probably should have brought my coat as it began to get chilly after awhile. Thankfully MinHa lent me his jacket for awhile :')

Jihan (left) and Jinwook (right) also joined us to watch the parade from the top of O'Connell Street.

We saw the majority of the parade but soon our tummies began to rumble and so we headed to get some ingredients and went through a massive cookout in the kitchen!

We had some 단무지 (danmuji) which is pickled radish! 
Commonly eaten as a side dish.

Then we ate a big bowl of delicious black bean noodles with chopped meat, seafood and potatoes cooked by Jihan and his cousin's secret recipe. We basically scoffed it all down without saying a word to each other. Even when we finished the meal, nothing was left to be said but the sound of satisfaction.

We then later had some 파전 (pajeon) - fried scallion pancakes made by 보람언니 (Boram) which was so delicious to have for our drinking side dishes also known as 안주 (anju)

We then spent the rest of the day just chatting, playing games and laughing till we realised we actually spent roughly 12 hours or more with one another. 민하 오빠 Min Ha and 진욱 오빠 Jin Wook kindly walked me back to my house at around midnight which was a lovely gesture indeed.

Aside from the St. Patrick's Day celebration today, the night before was spent celebrating the Music Ball at the Davenport Hotel behind Trinity College Dublin. 

After a great pre-drinks session at Caroline's, we were served with delicious glasses of Prosecco and a Caesar Salad for starters.

This was then followed on by chicken with mashed potato and a creamy sauce.

Finally, a slice of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake wrapped up our tastebuds for the night.

Playing dress always gets all the girls very excited at these fancy balls.

Also, it's good to know that good friends are there for you at all times as well. 
It's definitely been a helping factor for the past week as Athiei and I have decided to part.

I know it's probably shocking news to the majority of people who know us, but, yes we both decided to part after many discussions and lots of thinking time (it wasn't a decision made overnight). 

So, I'm actually okay and I'm looking forward to just enjoying life in whatever it may bring. 
Welcome to a whole new world again Audrey. 

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