Monday, 4 April 2016

Housemates, Extended Version

One of my favourite things in Dublin, are my flatmates. However, for the past week or so, I had temporary guests in my house who very quickly fell into their roles as flatmates.

A few of Min Ha's friends were visiting Dublin for a short while and needed a place to stay before they all headed to Portugal for a holiday. As his house didn't exactly have much space to accommodate them, I offered for them to stay in my living room (yay for the extra mattress and large sofas).

Visitor No.1: Jin Wook 진욱 오빠. 
He needed a place to stay between house moving, so he quickly transitioned from being an acquaintance to being part of the house within the week. It was a really interesting experience as the first day was filled with awkwardness and politeness which changed overnight into jokes that reminded me of my own real brother, Sam. He also got along great with the rest of my housemates and it really truly felt like he was part of our family. The fact that you didn't get to say goodbye to my housemates actually upset them so you have to come back and cook dinner for them. It's kind of a requirement now. Haha.

Not to forget he also cooked amazing food and cleaned up after himself too!

Visitor No.2: Jaejun 재준 오빠.
While on his Erasmus abroad in Prague, he dropped by Dublin for five days. Not to forget that he brought a Korean bookmark and pouch as a thank you gift. Our acquaintanceship soon disappeared over a couple of hours. The next few days were filled with sly jabs at one another overflowing with sarcasm. It was really fun coming up with more ways possible to annoy you. I really appreciate the kimchi jjigae 김치 찌개 you made and the countless amounts of Irish bombs (Guinness,Baileys,Whiskey) you created with your bartending skills.

Visitor No.3: Geon Hui 건회 오빠
He came by the very last for only two days so unfortunately I didn't get to know him as much as the others. He very kindly brought some Moomin souvenirs from Finland with him. Thanks for being so understanding despite the ice cold shower you had to take thanks to my boiler dying on me at such an hour.

It was really nice to have you guys over for more than a week give or take. It was quite funny to see that many guys over, all piled up in the living room. I treasure the memories we shared over the short time we had. It was really fun to have you over. Despite your numerous expressions of gratitude, I'd like to thank you more for making the week such a great one for me :).

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