Tuesday, 3 May 2016

13 Days.

Here we go, 13 days till freedom. Six exams. 15 hours. Third year is almost over.
My brain is overflowing with information about neurological and neuropsychological disorders, criminal theories, race and integration to mention a few. I'm not looking forward to exams at all but I'm definitely looking forward to what awaits after these horrifying 13 days.

What ARE these fun things I'm waiting for? hmmmmmmm?

First up, gonna get my hair done and do some much awaited shopping for things I need to get for summer.

Secondly, a four day trip to Madrid with my amazing sister from May 18-21

Thirdly, a three week trip to Korea to see my brother (who I haven't seen for a year) who will fly from Malaysia and meet me there for the first six days! And of course I'll get to meet up with my friends scattered across the country in Seoul 서울, Gyeonggido 경기도, Busan 부산 and Pohang 포항 from May 23 - June 10.

Fourthly, return to Ireland for my internship with Stint Ireland which allows me to organise and have trips within Ireland and even abroad such as a trip to the Aran Islands on June 11-12 and Krakow on June 24-26!

These 13 days shall fly, must fly, will fly
as I absolutely cannot wait for my summer to begin.

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