Saturday, 21 May 2016

Madrid: Wanderlings

Our final day in Madrid unfortunately begun at around 4 or 5 in the morning. The people who were living above us in the apartment were.....extremely BUSY at that time and were very...EXPRESSIVE...about their business (let's just put it at that).

To get our mind off the morning's trauma, we headed to a cafe for tostado con tomate (toast and tomato puree) with a piping hot cuppa cafe con leche (coffee with milk) to wake us up.

We took a wander down to Plaza Mayor which had a live band playing for some reason

And we came across a rather...atypical Spiderman.

Our in-built food compass brought us to Mercado de San Miguel where it was a market of all the deliciousness you could imagine.

And it was absolutely jam packed.

Meat in a cone!

More dangling meat.

Deep fried goodness as well as potato-infused seafood.

We took a try for some potato infused sea urchin and crab which were 4 euros and 3 euros respectively.

And craved for some caviar.

We also took a better look at the Madrid Palace as we didn't get to have much time to admire it during the walking tour on our first day. The queue for tickets were insane (probably because it was Saturday), so we settled for more wandering.

Had another nibble of Tejas (pronounced te-has) at the famous La Mallorquina bakery I mentioned in my first Madrid Post.

As well as the famous churros con chocolate at San Gines' Chocolateria which cost us 4 euros for the set, Interestingly, I got chatting with an older Korean couple who were also at the store and they got so excited that I could speak some Korean. They ended up showing me photos of their travels and their house back in Korea in which they extended an invitation for me to pop by (as I'm going to Korea for three weeks very soon!)

And that concludes our sister Madrid bonding trip away! Gonna head to the airport this very second and we're gonna arrive back in Dublin later tonight.

Muchas gracias Madrid
it has been muy bien

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