Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Seoul: Arrival & reunion with Minha!

After 4 hours and 30 minutes from Ireland to Istanbul, a 2 and a half hour wait in Istanbul and a 9and a half hour flight to Seoul (Incheon), I am finally here! I managed to bond with a grandma and grandpa on the plane where I got to learn more about their lives and their travels. Although I probably only understood 80% of what they said, they were so gracious to invite me to their home which is an hour from Seoul. Upon arrival I hopped on to the train towards the hostel - Seoul Base Camp which is in Mapo-gu.

After a year of not seeing my brother, Sam, we finally managed to meet in Seoul! 

However, the dinner was not just the two of us....I was able to meet up with Minha 민하오빠 once more along with his friend Jae Hun 재훈오빠! We headed to a place in Hongdae 홍대 and ordered an assortment of deep fried goodies! - spring onion pancake, tofu, fish, crabstick, mushrooms and minced pork

We then transitioned to another bar where we ordered Soondae 순대 which is a jellyfied version of black pudding

Not to mention the rolled fried egg - 게란말이!

i met up with Minha (white shirt) whom I haven't seen since Dublin from like a month ago or so and he brought his friend Jaejun as well!

Managed to make a new friend with loads of chats...and alcohol (소주) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

It was really nice to meet you after so long and being able to meet your friend was extra awesome :) it was really great to be able to hangout once more! Looking forward to seeing you again!!

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