Saturday, 11 June 2016

Back in the Emerald Isle

Yesterday was a long day. After an 18 hour journey from Korea to Ireland, baggage got delayed and I was rushing to get home to meet a friend. Unrealisingly, I dropped my phone during my last 150m of walking just before my house. After realising ten mins later, I backtracked my steps but it was no where to be found and it was already turned off (thanks to a stranger who helped me call it).

At that time I was already frustrated that I lost my phone and probably shouldn't meet my friend as I had a bad mood and also had to pick up the pieces.

Downside was I had to head to Galway with Stint Ireland, the company I'm interning with at 6:30pm on that same day. This meant I had about five hours to try to solve my problem, pack, and eat (I was starving).

I first locked my phone from afar and called up a guy on Donedeal who was selling a secondhand phone for a good price. After agreeing to meet two hours after the call, I reported the theft to the local garda station, ordered a replacement  sim card from 48, got a temporary new sim card to last me till my replacement arrives, bought some groceries and a tempered glass protector for my new phone, and ordered the casemate phone cover for my new secondhand phone.

Dropped all of these home, put some dinner in the oven and went to meet my seller who was very nice and agreed to meet me nearby my house and even dropped me home as it was lashing rain. Although he advertised his 6 month old Sony Xperia Z3 at €269, he sold it to me for €240 which I know is still alot but I depend on my phone very highly for college and work thus I need one with a fast processor and good battery life. Thus it is probably one of the only things I'd spend more money on in contrast to clothing or other authors items.

Time was ticking as I only had an hour and a half left to start my phone up, finish cooking and eating, packing for the trip and taking a nice long shower.

This didn't help as a certain person was simultaneously pressing my buttons in regards to something I don't wanna write about but boy my empathy which is usually always relatively good was absolutely gone at the person's clear lack of understanding and high levels of sarcasm.

Anyway, I packed, ate, showered, and legged it for the bus to the meeting point for the trip to Galway and I arrived with three minutes to spare. Hopped on the bus, said hello to my new colleagues as well as the clients who we organise internships in Dublin for, and pretty much died for the entire journey from both physical and mental exhaustion.

Thanks to the people who were there for me virtually during this episode of chaos. I was really on the verge of exploding but thanks to kind strangers, gardai staff, good old and new friends I managed to get through this with minimal brain implosions. It's been a long ass day. But hey! Am on an amazing journey with Stint Ireland at this very moment!

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