Friday, 3 June 2016

Busan - Goodbye; Pohang - Hello

The final day in Busan sadly arrived. I packed up my things and went for my final lunch with the guys. Firstly a very delicious noodle-ly lunch was had together with Jinsu 진수 오빠, Taewoo태우 오빠, and Jungha정하 오빠! I had some spicy Jjambbong noodles 매운 짬뽕 maeun jjambbong which was much deadly than expected. What began with a “oh this isn’t spicy at all” ended up with me transferring the noodles to another bowl without its soup and mixing it with Taewoo’s black bean noodle sauce to dumb down the fire. 

Taewoo unfortunately had an early enough class so we said our goodbyes and the rest of us headed for some iced coffee and was joined by Songeob 성업 오빠 who kindly treated me. One thing I found really strange in Korea is that most cafes do not have low fat milk. I purposefully learnt the Korean word, 저지방 우유 jeojibang uyu which means low fat milk, so I could possibly use it to order some coffee for myself. But to my dismay, every single café I went to both in Seoul and Busan didn’t have it! I feel like only the main franchises may have them which is really odd for me – so…. I guiltily drank a lot of full fat milk for the past week…. darn it. 

Anyway, back to the main story, It’s really interesting that even though I’ve only met these guys for a couple of days, and it was the same last year, I feel much more comfortable around them than some people I’ve known for years. Life is strange and special at the same time which makes it rather sad that I won’t get to see any of them for an uncertain long period of time. 

Soon after, Jungha had class and so did Songeob, so Jinsu brought me back to get my luggage using Jungha’s motorcycle! I forgot to add yesterday that I actually tagged along on Jungha’s motorcycle down the super hill that is Dong-A University. Personally it’s just been my second and third time riding a motorcycle in my life and boy is it exhilarating. Obviously I was not the driver because I would have killed us all… So I got the whole ‘wind blowing in the hair’ experience and all that jazz. This was then followed by Audrey shrieking in glee like a four-year-old girl. 

 I am gonna miss all of you guys so much once I get back to reality in Ireland with the upcoming internship, final year of university, and the greatly feared work. Life is really unpredictable in the way that your heart gets attached to different places without realizing. What was solely rooted in Malaysia, has now both grown to love Ireland and Korea for different reasons. If only teleportation was a norm, I’d happily live in all three countries.

I then got on the bus to Pohang in order to meet up with Taewoo 태우, which is one of Chorong's 초롱 friends who I met last year on my trip to Korea. Even though we only hung out for a couple of days last year we got to know each other relatively well and I decided to come visit him at his university during this trip since Chorong is unfortunately in Laos at the moment. So after an hour and a half, I arrived at the station and he came to pick me up in his car (YES NO BUS TAKING!!)

After a hearty meal of grilled pork belly 삼겹살 samgyeobsal (his treat woo!), we headed to his university - Handong Global University in which he gave me a tour of the campus.

The campus was beautiful with loads of space to walk around. But most interestingly it's a Christian university with all types of degrees but I could definitely get the sense that it was different from other universities - its culture, the building names and more.

They were having a mini culture night event where the foreign students in the university were selling some food from their home country too. Spotted nasi goreng (fried rice) which were being sold by some Indonesian students haha!

He then called over some of his friends and his girlfriend as well to join us for chats and....

COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM (with crackers on the side) omnoms. I then checked into my dormitory for 7500 won per night which was called Ebenezer Hall (all the dorm names were biblical). Unfortunately they didn't accept cash so we had to go and find an ATM to conduct a bank transfer and then only proceeded to check into the dorm itself. Also, since it was a girls-only dorm, Taewoo couldn't come to help me bring my stuff in (slightly troublesome but it was fine after it all).

We then headed to the nearby beach to chill on the mat with chats, fireworks and buskers in the background

accompanied with deliciously fried chicken from a shop just across the beach. I'm really tired at the moment so I won't elaborate more on what I did today but hey! Tomorrow'll be another adventure!

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