Thursday, 2 June 2016

Busan: Nampodong & Dong-A University

As I managed to escape National Service in Malaysia despite being chosen, I was able to try on one of my friend's Korean army uniform today! (It actually fit well...the shame). Today's itinerary was absolutely blank so I didn't even know what I was gonna do but in the end it was actually absolutely jam packed.

Firstly, I met up with Songeob 성업오빠 for a little bit and the plan was to actually have lunch with him, Taewoo 태우오빠 and Jinsu 진수오빠, But since Jinsu wanted to take me to a sushi buffet in Nampodong 남포동 which is a little far from their university, they would have been late for their classes/meetings in college. So instead, we went our separate ways for lunch.

So Jinsu and I took the bus to Nampodong for some unlimited servings of sushi in Kappa Sushi. Along with being able to grab anything from the conveyor belt, you could order your desired sushi by the touch screen and it would arrive being served on a train!!

Clearly, we didn't exactly control our greedy eyes so we gobbled down too many plates.
There was even cake, ice cream and fruit for dessert too!

We then walked through Bupyeong Ggangtong 부평깡통 which is one of the oldest markets in Korea. It gets part of its name from the history of American soldiers giving canned food to people in need in the past.

The market was full of all sorts of food, bags and more but because we were way too bloated from the amount of sushi consumed we just got an iced coffee from a cute little cafe within the market! We tried an iced americano with a Tanzanian origin and it was really tasty and refreshing.

Our last pit stop was then Busan Tower 부산 타워 in Yongdusan Park 용두산 공원 just to chill and appreciate the blue skies.

Not to forget our Tanzanian coffee!
Addicts unite!

It came to the time when Jinsu had to head back to Dong-A University for his class presentations along with the others but he suddenly suggested that I should just join in the class for fun and that the professor would not mind me being there so I actually just saw in the right back hand corner of the class. Thankfully the professor was okay with me crashing in.

Jungha 정하 오빠 also sat near me so we ended up doodling and chatting secretly for most of the class.

And secretly taking selfies at the back of class.

We then headed for lunch nearby Dong-A University. Kyungbin had the omelette rice.

Jinsu the shrimp cream spaghetti.

And I got some spicy pork with rice and a fried egg on the top.

Jinsu wanted to let off some steam and stress after the meal so he showed his batting skills. It's interesting that random batting cages are around the city and you can just pop in a 1000 won (less than a euro) to have a few swings

And of course, the all-time-champion of Korean past times, karaoke sessions 노래방 noraebang where 1000 won can get you four songs in the machine. We ended up splitting into two booths as there wasn't enough space to fit the four of us in one. So I went with Jinsu while Taewoo went with Kyungbin.

Today was a really fun day just hanging out with all of you guys!! Thank you so much for taking out your time despite having your final exams next week along with a string load of assignments which are due. My memories here in Busan wouldn't be the same without you.

Next up: Pohang

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