Thursday, 2 June 2016

Busan: Taejongdae, Gwangalli & Geumjeongsan

The morning began with a whopping amount of food (as always) with Taewoo 태우. A local restaurant nearby served a huge bowl of mixed rice 비빔밥 bibimbap, a bowl of dumpling soup 완단 wandan and four dumplings 만두 mandu for a total of 6000 won. which is less then a fiver! It was so much I couldn't finish it for sure.

I then headed to Taejongdae National Park 태종대! Hopped on Bus 126 from Hadan to Nampo-dong and transferred to Bus 8 to Taejongdae.

Just nearby the stop, I got to the national park and begun my exploring! It's a pretty much straightforward loop within the park which brings you to all the main sights of the national park. In total it's probably a 4-5km walk of the whole park but there's also a tram/train service within the park for lazier travellers.

The weather was really amazing - not too hot, not too cold and it was really cooling and refreshing just to walk and absorb in the natural beauty of the park.

Its Pebble Beach.

Its observatory station.

Its random animals that I found.

On the way to the lighthouse!

The lighthouse! Wooooo!

I bumped into two locals who were there and when I offered to take their photo they did the same for me ( and continued to do it for the whole time I was near the lighthouse which was actually really nice of them).

The cliffs.

You were also able to get to the bottom of the cliffs and walk around its rocky platform but the wind was absolutely ridiculous that my hair transformed into Medusa-like snakes. In the end I had to tie it back to be able to see where I was going haha.

And there was also a small temple within the national park itself. I would definitely recommend all visitors of Busan to allocate a good couple of hours to wander around Taejongdae Park itself. I really don't recommend taking the train or tram cos I think it takes away from the experience of the park itself as you would spend way too much time queuing up for the tram to stop by and you can't admire the nature which is all around you.

After seeing Taejongdae to my heart's content, I hopped back on the bus to Busan to meet up with Taewoo 태우 and Kyungbin 경빈 for some dinner. We settled for pizza after much indecisiveness 결정장애. Interestingly, it's supposedly common to eat pickles with pizza over here in Korea which is a really new concept to me (so what the heck! Let's try it!). So we ordered two pizzas and three mini tubs of pickles and I must say the combo is rather intriguing, enticing and rather addictive (I was the first one to finish my tub of pickles anyway).

Suddenly, after dinner I found out that Jinsu 진수 오빠 (left) wanted to bring me out for a drive around Busan and Hanho 한호오빠 tagged along! It was perfect as I didn't have anything planned for the night and there's nothing better than being spontaneous and getting to visit places I haven't yet. So our first stop was Gwanganli Beach 광안리!

We stopped by the local fish wholesale market and watched as the fishmonger freshly prepared two of our chosen fish.

We then sat by the beach (the guys already came all prepared with a mat to sit on and everything) and started digging into our raw fish / sashimi / 회 or whatever you call it! We also got some drinks and different dipping sauces to compliment the taste of the freshly prepared fish.

With a view of the Gwangan Bridge as well by our side.

Our adventure didn't end there as we headed to Geumjeong Mountain 금정산 after a quick stop at Mcdonald's also known as 'McNal' here! I recharged on a McD churro while Jin Su got his wanted Big Mac and Hanho got his chocolate sundae. Thanks to Jin Su, we were easily able to get to the top of the mountain as we drove all the way up through the windy roads. We got an amazing night view of Busan as well

Interestingly, Jin Su also has the exact same camera model as me so he had fun playing with the settings in my camera too and took some long shutter speed shots of the skyline.

It really was an awesome time getting to know the both of you guys. Even though we have only met for a few days, you have both been so caring towards me in many ways that I'm grateful for. From bringing me places to buying me food to bringing an extra jacket so I can sit down with a skirt or wear it if I'm cold, Thank you so much for adding more sweet memories to my adventure here in Korea :) I really really hope and look forward to meeting you both again. 

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