Sunday, 19 June 2016

Galway & Connemara: Stint Ireland Internship

The past week I've been having a go at my internship at Stint Ireland. It eventfully started with a trip to Connemara and Galway together with all the interns within our programme. Essentially what Stint does is the Irish version of the J1 where other nationalities can come to Ireland for an internship or working holiday and we basically organise everything needed to bring you over and start your internship. Along with that is to organise trips for them within Ireland and abroad too!

We made our way to the largest Aran Island, Inis Mór by plane!!

We had to split up into three groups and they made us sit within the plane in accordance to our weight to make sure it was relatively equally distributed.

We got to the island and we were bussing around it going from pit stop to pit stop in part of the food tour.

We had such great weather then so it truly allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the island.

We headed to a goat's milk and cheese farm and got to see the goats milked!

The guy in charge of it also explained to us all about the milking and cheese-making process.

We got to taste the different cheeses paired with jams and honey on his mother's freshly baked brown soda bread. The combination with honey was especially scrumptious!

We got to meet the goats too!

The food continued with more freshly baked bread!

And a yummy goat's cheese tart with a side salad.

And lots of cake! The lemon cake was noms!

Next stop was a visit to an abalone, sea cucumber and seaweed farm!

The owner's dog, SUSHI, was the one who stole all our hearts though.

Seasoned sea cucumber! T'was very fresh and flavourful!

Abalone salsa!

Seaweed cookies.

And we got to enjoy it all outdoors!

We visited the local brewery, Independent who gave us a full explanation of the ales they produce!

Not to forget the tasting too!

We were given lots of free time to wander around Galway city too!

The next day we went on another tour within Connemara just to see the sights.

We also stopped by the astonishingly beautiful Kylemore Abbey which used to be an operating school up to 2010!

With Aoife and Elli! Colleagues in Stint :)

Introducing, the Wishing Tree where you hang something on it and your wish might just come true!

The trip to Connemara and Galway was absolutely amazing! I got to know the interns within our programme and also get the hang of the company culture in the past week :). 

And one of the best parts of returning home to Dublin is getting to meet up with people from uni who I've missed :) Featuring Brian and of course, Callum! Had a super steak and chicken wings night coupled with some drinks! It's good to be back home :)!

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