Monday, 20 June 2016

Howth: Exploring with Kaelan

Yesterday's rain stayed away and the sun came out to play! The whole day the sun was shining down on us which was perfect for a day trip to Howth! Kaelan and I sprinted to the train station and within 25 minutes we were in the beautiful town of Howth.

We decided to take the 1.5 hour cliff walk and proceeded to take stupid photos and videos!

After being stung by nettles and Kaelan possibly falling off a cliff, we satisfied our tummies with some delicious seafood - mussels in a white wine sauce, seafood chowder and also an beef and guinness pie! Based on Kaelan's greedy eyes, you can see how difficult it was to know when to start.

We took a small stroll along the River Liffey after our day well spent in Howth under the glorious sunshine.

And unfortunately, Kaelan had to hop on a bus back to airport to dear ol' London.
It has been an AMAZING time with you for the past two days. Jam packed with laziness and activity at the same time. I can't wait to see you in London (soon I hope!!!) Hugs!!

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