Monday, 6 June 2016

Pohang: Art Museum, Chicken Feet and Meetups!

Today I really felt like a student of Handong Global University as I attended one of their class excursions to the nearby Pohang Museum of Steel Art 포항시립미술관. Along with three of Taewoo’s 태우 classmates in his compact white car, we headed off to LEARN! Personally, I thought it was a great idea to have an excursion outside of the classroom to learn about art itself rather than just hearing about it in the lecture.

As the tour of the museum was done in Korean, I couldn’t really follow the explanations so I just roamed around by myself trying to interpret the art pieces that were there. Some of the pieces there were really intriguing in its own way and the exhibitions were really engaging.

 My favourite was definitely their childhood-story-themed exhibition which showcased stories that I used to read and/or watch in a slightly warped manner. This included real life paintings of Disney princesses which had faces of the painter himself on the body of the princesses, video installations of Alice in Wonderland following through the rabbit hole and being portrayed through the looking glass and many more.

After the class we went for some delicious icy cold raw fish soup called 물회 mul-hui.

This was the picture of the food before pouring the icy red soup over it. It's one of the signature dishes of Pohang so it was one of the must haves.

Chilling by the beach post food.

Then at the night we headed to watch one of their Korean plays by the students who were in the Drama department. They acted out Helen Keller's musical done in Korean but it was amazingly well done. Even though I didn't know about 50-60% of what was going on, I understood the main gist of the story to the point of tearing. Really well done play I must say.

After a small session of guitar jamming in the middle of the campus, Taewoo's girl, Saehui 세휘 finally finished her quiz and we went out to town!

We ordered spicy boneless chicken feet 닭발 dalkbal which came with eight seaweed rice balls to help calm down the spice but oooooh was it tasty!

There was also some steamed egg 계란찜 on the house! 

Unfortunately the following day I had to take a bus back to Seoul and I had to say goodbye to both of them. Taewoo kindly brought me to the bus station after church and lunch. After four and a half hours I reached Seoul's Bus Station and made my way to Fredrik's house!! While on the bus ride I saw that there was going to be a Korean English Party meet up in Hongdae as the Monday was a Korean public holiday.

So I dropped my stuff and headed right to the meetup and made some new friends! Starring Chris from New Zealand.

Leroy from Singapore.

And Adam from Birmingham! We ended up chatting, chilling, having a meal (at like half one in the morning) followed by clubbing till six in the morning. It was an absolutely mental experience and t'was so good. Nothing like sweating all the food I've eaten for the past two weeks!

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