Thursday, 9 June 2016

Seoul: Last Night

With my flight departing later today, yesterday was my last day to do whatever I wanted to do! 
I lazed around Fredrik's house for the first few hours of the day just regaining strength but soon proceeded to search the internet for any events that were going to happen nearby in Hongdae 홍대.

I went again to (super handy website to meet locals when you're travelling) and found that there was a Korean-English language exchange at the 떡이조아 cafe in Hongdae at 7pm (which ran on weekdays). It cost 10,000 won to join (8 euros) and it included a beverage at the cafe and unlimited americano refills.

I showed up, got a name tag and learnt to play a couple of board games with the others. The crowd was mixed with some Koreans as well as foreigners who lived there for awhile and were relatively good in the language. It was really fun getting to meet them and we headed out for dinner and later went to the Hongik Playground to drink.

While we were chatting, I suddenly saw someone looking at me from the corner of my eye and it was Adam (from two nights ago!). It was his last night in Seoul and my last night in Korea so we ended up hanging out for way longer than I planned on going out (but hey, it's my last night in Korea!)

Together with three of his buds who were also from England, we headed to one of the clubs nearby, Cocoon - it was definitely less smokey than NB2 was.. but the music was crazy loud. My ears are still ringing right now and I'm slightly deaf and it's been a good 12 hours since I was there! By the time I got home it was four in the morning (slightly earlier than the last time) as I caught a taxi this time which only cost me 4000 won (less than 4 euros). I'm gonna miss the cheap taxis and awesome random meetups! Thank you for making my last night in Korea such a memorable one :)

Next up: Return to Ireland and the start of my internship with Stint Ireland

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