Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Seoul: Swedish Experience & BBQ

I woke up this afternoon (2PM) after returning home at 6AM last night...and spent the entire day just chilling and relaxing at Fredrik's house. His mum, Hedwig, was busy baking up a storm of CARDAMOM BUNS! I've never personally heard of them but it's basically a version of what cinnamon buns are but done with cardamom instead! 

I spent the first few hours of my day chatting with her and watching her bake which was really fun to do.

Later that day, Fredrik's dad, Peter asked us to help him prepare dinner so we began with the chopping! We made pasta salad which had feta cheese, preserved garlic, ham, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes and pesto!

They had some guests over later that evening for dinner so we spent the night eating, drinking and chatting with them. We even had foie gras for our appetiser followed by the main course we made earlier and Hedwig's delicious cardamom buns for dinner :)! This was probably the most rest-filled day I've had in Korea as I really just stayed home the entire day which was very much needed.

The next day, I decided to hike up Namsan Mountain to get to Namsan Tower which took me roughly 45 minutes or so at a leisurely pace from the Namsan Library 남산도서관 at the bottom of the mountain.

Most people would have taken the cable car or bus to get up there but as I'm running low on cash and I also do enjoy the hike, I decided to sweat it out first thing in the morning.

It's famous for all the love locks by couples who dedicate and promise their love to each other by.. locking it on other locks or on the fence if there's any spare space left.

So while everyone went there with their other half I went there with my camera.
Whoopee. Yay.
You can presume I didn't stay there for long. I took the bus No.5 to Myeongdong to do some last minute shopping for Korean cosmetics as well as souvenirs to bring back to Ireland. Thankfully, I found a relatively good money changer there as well to convert my euros to won as I had run out of won (only had 10,000 left which is less than 10 euros). 

Got a new dress (partly cos I was sweaty post-hike), lip gloss, face masks, cookies (souvenirs) and the most unexpected part of all...

I got my left conch pierced - The middle slightly large white circle you can see. The last time I got my ears pierced, I was 15 years old with Jessica in Kuala Lumpur - that's when I got both my helixes pierced (top piercing). Since then, I haven't gotten any piercings done and I was thinking about this just very recently. I happened to stumble upon a piercing shop in Myeongdong who did it for 12,000 won including the earring (roughly ten euros). The guy who pierced my ear was really nice as he kept chatting with me to distract me while he pierced my ear. The best part was I slightly heard the crunch sound of my cartilage :'D.

Yay for spontaneity... woooo!

I then went over to meet Minha 민하 오빠 for our the last time (on this trip)! Thankfully he doesn't have any upcoming finals so he was able to meet up with me as the rest of my friends were too busy with CV and exam preparation

Geonhui 건회 오빠 and his girlfriend, Taeyeon 태연, joined us as well!

They were super cute to watch for the entire time.

They brought me to a famous pork barbeque shop just near 떡전교앞 ddeokjeongyo-ap bus stop and boy it was definitely one of the best pork belly barbecue 삼겹살 I've had! Our night continued with six bottles of soju 소주, spicy rice cakes with seafood 해물떡볶이 and canned peaches 황도. Followed by laughter, happy tummies, I bid farewell to the final Korean friend I'll get to meet on this trip. Thank you so much for taking out your time to see me :) I really appreciate it, without you I wouldn't have had such a great time in Korea.

Next up: Final two days in Korea

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