Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sandymount: Beach Adventure

It was one of the most hilarious days I've had this year.
According to the news, it was the hottest day Ireland has had in 2016. The sun was blazing down, I yearned for the beach and my boss kindly allowed me to leave work after lunch.

I scrolled through my friend's list and attempted to find a beach buddy. James, busy. Housemates, busy. Callum, working. Emily, who I haven't seen since January cos she was off in Spain for Erasmus, finally said she was able to meet me at Sandymount Beach at 5! I rejoiced. However, Callum (le bestie) and Kayla (le housemate) said they could come straight from work despite having no beach gear. So today was going to be a proper mixture of people who didn't know each other :)

In their stead, I fleeted off to Penneys to get a six euro bikini set for Kayla, American surf shorts and flipflops for Callum.

I waited for the bus to pick me up, it arrived, BAM NO LEAP CARD. I had left my travel card in the house and as Dublin Bus didn't accept notes, I had to power walk it back to the apartment and back to 
the train station to get to the beach on time.

I arrived with time to spare but Emily said a few trains were down so she wouldn't be there for another 40 minutes. I walked to the beach.

Emily panics and texts me that sent out a report that we couldn't swim in Sandymount due to water hygiene problems. I freak out and start googling it. I then realise the article was released in 2014. Panic subsides.

I walk out to the beach, I see no sea. Where is the sea!? 

I walk 100 metres, 200 metres, 

300 metres, 
There is no sign of decent water. 

Halfway walking,  Emily arrives and we continue our journey in the search of water.
This is getting hilarious.

We finally discovered water! After walking about 3km (not even exaggerating) Kayla and Callum ask where I am. I order them to head in search of water, to walk two miles and spot two girls in bikinis. 

I send them my location just in case. No surprise, we are in the middle of the freaking ocean.

We need to put our bags down somewhere. Everywhere is wet. We decide to gather mud to create a mound that's slightly above the water. We lay down the Penneys paper bag I had on Emily's shoes. We then stack our bags strategically on top. We run back to the sea, sit down in 5 inches of water and soak in the sun.

Kayla arrives in her work attire to two girls slathering themselves with beach mud. We create a makeshift changing room with my towel so she can get into her bikini. It succeeds after multiple failures. YES! WE ARE GOOD TO GO.

The tide was coming in so we had to create our second mound (to put our belongings). We create our second mound with three bags stacking this time and repeat our methods, succeeds once more.

The tide comes in more, Callum arrives as we are creating our third mound. He places his bag and this time we have a tower which we thought could be sustained but alas, it tumbled while we were in the water which resulted in Kayla's iPhone getting drenched, along with people's clothes

She tries to shake the water dry and even suck it out of the phone. We realise there's no hope so we walk back. Callum puts on the American pants I get him and it's way too big. Kayla doesn't wanna wear her heels so I give her my flip flops while I wear the giant flip flops that I originally got for Callum.

We get aboard the train, drenched with salt water in mismatched clothes after a hilarious day at the beach. I couldn't have asked for more.

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