Monday, 1 August 2016

Waterford: Spraoi Festival

The bank holiday weekend, was one like any other. Most other bank holiday weekends it wasn't taken very seriously as being in college wasn't as taxing. However, with the summer being here and everyone working in their own jobs, all of us wanted a weekend away. 

What started off as a Callum and I trip grew into a Callum, James, Iseult and Raegs trip :).

We booked two rooms at the Portree Guesthouse in Waterford as it was the Spraoi Festival!
It was happening for the entire weekend - several stages and performances throughout the city. 

There were music gigs, acrobatics, drama and much more all for free!

Not to forget the delicious food stalls throughout the city - fudges galore, crepes, burgers and so on.

Snagged ourselves some deep fried churros.

We stumbled across a small side alley which had medieval gear to try on and the shopkeeper kept encouraging us to give it a go.

The lads then went ahead to learn how to use a medieval bow. The fiver they each paid entitled them to a talk about medieval archery along with three tries at hitting a target.

None of the girls went for it to the shopkeeper's dismay who tried profusely to lure us with his other bows that were meant for ladies in the past.

Breakfasts together were an absolute treat as we discovered a quaint little cafe which served delicious food. Irish breakfast in a crepe at your service.

Along with the famous Waterford blaa (their specialty bread).

On one of the days we took a bus to Tramore and got absolutely drenched in the rain (this photo was taken several hours post-rain mind you). We crazily decided to go into the sea! 

Bar Raegs, we all put on our swimming suits and went splashing away in the icy cold water. Humorously, the lads were complaining that it was too cold more than anything.

Spontaneously, we headed to the Great Escape where the six of us were locked in a room which went along the 'Prison Break' theme. So there were clues, locks, hidden messages within the room that we had to solve together within an hour to break free.

It was a really fun adventure and it was intriguing to just see the different ways each person figured things out - it was a definite team effort to break free from the prison.

Unfortunately, the shopkeeper told us that if we were four minutes sooner to break free we would have broken the record! The shame!

On Sunday night, we watched the night parade by the river which were all musically themed followed by a beautiful night of fireworks - one of my favourite things.

Spending time with all these people over the weekend was unpredictable.
I began the Friday slightly worried that ye wouldn't get along as I was the linchpin who knew everyone but not everybody knew each other prior to the trip. 

It was so cute to see Iseult and James as a couple, Raegs and Callum as third wheels, the lads bonding together while the girls did as well. It was one amazing weekend filled with food, laughter, drink, photos, spontaneity and too many chats.

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