Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Copenhagen: A full loop

Having never step foot into any of the Scandinavian countries, I can now proudly say I've tasted a little bit of Denmark. Together with my mum, sister, dad and uncle we spread our wings and landed in Copenhagen!

We checked into our apartment which worked out at €50 per person per night right in the middle of the city on Peder Hvitfeldts Straede. It was a really nice large apartment which could fit six people! Would really recommend it for group holidays, you can check out its details here.

As Dad turned 60 just three days ago, we got him a custom-made cake from Andersen Bakery and had a great dinner at Madklubben Bistro-De-Luxe.

Andersen Bakery were so lovely to work with. Their e-mail correspondence was so quick and very detailed with the prices they'd charge for the desired cake. We ordered a 'lagkage' which had Othello layers - layer cake with whipped cream, macaroons, marzipan all around and chocolate topping. The price breakdown was 

Cake - 234 kr
Writing - 25 kr
Marzipan figure - 150 kr
Total - 407 kr (€57)

Although it was a pricey cake, it was so well made and tasted absolutely heavenly. Also contacting the other rival cake companies did not get as good as a reply via e-mail so I would totally recommend them.

We were happy campers anyway.

The following morning, we set off for our full day of exploration all on foot!

Kongens Have (King's Garden)

Rosenborg Slot (Castle) which was in its grounds.

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen who looks like he very well may be telling a fairy tale at that very moment. 

Street graffiti!


Our half eaten chocolate pastry from Det Rene Brød! We managed to get three of them for 35 kr / €5  

We stopped by these funky looking houses on Haregade street but was told by a passerby that it was just an imitation and the real ones was just two streets away!

So we managed to find the real ones called Sankt Pauls Plads!

It was right beside Sankt Pauls Kirke (St. Paul's Church) as well which was a pretty sight.

My beautiful sister, Sonya :)

We decided to balance on this random stump and take silly photos.
Almost died of embarrassment though as an entourage of bicycles cycled past us.

We wandered through the little streets heading towards the Kastellet and got a nice sneak peek in this cute little ceramic shop.

We arrived at the Kastellet which has a 17th-century military fortress within it and is shaped like a star!

We found some weeping willows.

And walked on into the fortress!

St. Alban's Church just outside the Kastellet.

Within its walls.

In the centre of the star!

Jogging with a pram - level two workout.

Being silly.

Or defiant. (sign says no admittance).

Or taking a break after a long morning of walking.

Langelinie Harbour

25kr / €3.50 for a 'small' strawberry and vanilla soft ice cream.

The famous Little Mermaid Statue, Den Lille Havfrue by Edvard Eriksen.

Cute little coffee truck which served really decent iced coffee.

Bathing baby birds.

Amalienborg palace complex - changing of the guards.

Frederik's Kirke (Church)

Restaurant Amalie - Beef tartare with caviar and egg yolk 

King Frederik's Herring

Fried fillets of salmon

Nyhavn Harbour

Whipped cream and jam on Belgian waffles found at Waffelbageren

Which had so much to offer.

Have you ever seen so many waffle cones :')?

Crossing over the Inderhavnsbroen bridge to Christianshavn.

Pretty boat designs.

We stopped by the Freetown of Christiania and explored the very famous - Pusher Street where photographs are very much not allowed due to the activities there..so all we really could get from that area was this - Vor Frelsers Kirke (The Church of Our Saviour).

Lastly, a stop at the Kierkegaard Statue in the garden in front of the Christiansborg Palace.

Coming Up: Tivoli Gardens, Hans Christian Andersen Museum and more!

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