Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dublin Airport: My Second Home

It's been a week since I've landed back in Ireland. However I have spent almost every single day at Dublin Airport. Once again, together with several people from the Global Room, we've been meeting new incoming Trinity students from all over the world.

Armed with welcome packs (even with a local sim card included), I've been in and out of the airport more times than I can count. I've spent more than 30 hours within the past weekend working that I feel like I know the airport at the back of my hand. 

So much so that the Aircoach staff recognise me now and I've made a few airport buddies.
I even know that iced coffee isn't available in T2 but you'll snag yourself a good cuppa at T1 at AMT.

A meet up with a student includes handing them a welcome pack and guiding them to their accommodation. If I didn't have any other pick up after them, I'd help them to their accommodation if it was within the city centre. Some even included luggage carrying up flights of stairs at the hostels of some of the Trinity students. 

Despite the crazy work hours (getting up at 4AM for example), the job can be quite rewarding thanks to the grateful faces of the students I meet. So I'll be doing this up till the end of this upcoming Fresher's Week too! :)

It's my final Fresher's Week in Trinity which is slightly terrifying.
I can't believe I'll be graduating in the next year or so.
Time flies.
That's a whole other matter though.

However, there was an upside about working at the airport!
We got a special visit from Severine (top right) who used to live with us. 
She flew back from Paris over the weekend (for her birthday!) and we got to have our darling mummy back in the house!
I even got to send her off at the airport as I was already there! 
So thankfully aside from work, I got the time to mingle with my housemates. 

Obviously, time had to be spent with her so I brought her to brunches around Dublin in Brother Hubbard as well as Two Boys Brew (photo above). Swetha and Lucie, our two Canadian house representatives, got to join us too! I think we all needed the break really :).

One thing I love about my home.
It's an international hub all in one.

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