Sunday, 30 October 2016

Autumn hast arrived

Red, brown, orange. 

Autumn has arrived. 
It's possibly my favourite season.

The trees are changing colours gradually and the entire environment just seems a little bit more warm. 

Although the sun sets sooner, the cold wind blows a little bit more, and the clocks have changed, 
I am not worried about the upcoming winter. 

For once.

Time has absolutely flown by since Freshers' Week. 
It has been six weeks since the first lecture of the semester and in a week’s time, we’ll be on a short break.
Final year has definitely been a whole different ball game.

Seven hours of lectures a week but yet I spend my time in the library from morning to night. However, several coffee and cookie runs per week do help sustain my way through the assignments and readings.

With the weekly Monday rehearsals with Singers and occasional gym sessions am I able to release my stress throughout the week.

With the messages, texts and weekend getaways with the loved one, am I able to look forward to what is to come.

With the love of family, am I able to appreciate where I have come from.

With only eight more weeks left for the semester, 
I need to push through as much as I can to enjoy and excel through my final year of college.

I can't believe it is actually flying so quickly.

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