Thursday, 10 November 2016

Reading Week Wanders: Galway

I can't believe it's Reading Week. 
It sure does not feel like Reading Week. 
And it sure does not feel like it's the Thursday of Reading Week. 
For the first time in ever, I have actually been only reading during the course of this...'Reading Week'.

Ethics for my final year project has been accepted so now it's time for data collection!
One assignment down, three more too go. 
And of course, I'm right in the middle of graduate programme rounds which is such a challenge combined together with college work. 
So to be honest, Reading Week has felt like any other week of the semester.

However! Today was the first Reading Week day when I only spent the first two hours reading and the rest of the day having a wander around Galway with Lorcan!

We were lucky in that the weather decided to shine and it was definitely a lot warmer in Galway than it has been in Dublin for the past week (cue gloves, scarves and coats).

From some trusty advice from his granny, he treated me to tea at the Meyrick Hotel.
Lovely quiet spot by the corner of Eyre Square complete with chandeliers and fancy bathrooms that sparkled and had little wash towels.

Not to forget we munched on an assortment of mini puff pastries.

He then took me down to the docks.

Where he kindly took some nice photos for me.

And also seems to be warming up to the camera himself.

Then a kind elderly gentleman asked if we'd like to have a photo of the both of us!
Really appreciated it as it was much better than the attempted selfie I would have done.

The sun was just about to set so it had this lovely gradient glow in the sky.

Complete with the still waters and the moon peeking out.

Calm waters, blue skies, green grass, slight breeze,

Seems like we weren't the only ones appreciating the beauty.
Sometimes a break from college assignments and programme interviews are just so worth it.

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