Thursday, 1 December 2016

Amsterdam: Foodhallen, Van Gogh & Ice-skating

As always, my life revolves around food. 
So, as we woke up on the Monday and craved for breakfast, we headed towards the Foodhallen indoor food market. 

Thankfully it was not very busy as it was a Monday and there were so many cuisines to choose from such as 
Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, French, Indian, Dutch, and many more.

We scouted our way around the place and decided to, once again, get a little bit of everything.

First up, we got some spicy Korean fried chicken!

Second up was siu mai which is a type of Chinese dim sum which is steamed dumpling filled with minced pork, shrimp and mushroom. 

And Vietnamese rice rolls filled with beef, rice noodles and fresh vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce on the side.

We slightly power walked towards the Van Gogh Museum along, yet another one of Amsterdam's canals. 

So we arrived with our pre-booked tickets (which I once again advise to do if you're planning on coming here to skip the queue). The museum had three floors of Van Gogh's artwork along with the history of his personal life and paintings of those who inspired him.

On the very top floor, starred one of Van Gogh's most famous artworks - Almond Blossom.
It was a really lovely museum as it both incorporated the artist's personal life and his works which made it seem like you were being put into the shoes of Van Gogh.

The museum really encouraged each visitor to take the perspective of Van Gogh along with interactive opportunities of attempting to adopt his techniques.

Which we obviously, absolutely, nailed.

At the end of it all, we only had two hours left in Amsterdam before we had to head back to the hotel to get our luggage to get to the airport. So we were thinking of returning back to Westermarkt to go boat paddling (which we had planned on doing).

But then we suddenly so an outdoor ice skating rink on our way and thought,
What the heck, let's just go ice skating instead! 
It was probably the craziest ice skating experience I've ever had as there were just so many children skating all around the place.

It definitely was a memorable way of wrapping up our trip in Amsterdam and we soon left to the airport with all of our belongings.

And.....that's pretty much a summary of how Amsterdam went.

Our first trip abroad together.
With many more to come in the future :)

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