Saturday, 11 March 2017

Prague: Post-thesis relaxy time

To celebrate the completion of my thesis, I went for an awesome 5D/4N stay in the beautiful city of Prague!

Prices, prices, prices.

I booked the flights and hotels via which was €170 in total per person. I flew with Aer Lingus and stayed at the Galileo 4* Hotel which included a great breakfast buffet every morning along with a humongous warm room. As a treat, I ate out for every single meal for our holiday. Bear in mind that I looked for good tasty food at good value. Each meal never exceeded €10. Also, I got student entry prices for most of the activities which cut our admissions in half!

This included:

Flights and accommodation: €170
Food and drink: €100
Activities: €45

The activities included:-
72 hours public transport ticket: 310CZK
Prague Castle circuit A ticket: 175CZK
Prague Zoo admission: 50CZK
Sandman walking tour: free
Gun shooting range: 605CZK
DOX contemporary art centre: 90CZK

Total:  €315 per person for a pretty indulgent, jam-packed, 5D/4N holiday.

What did I eat/drink?

First stop after checking in was the La Boheme Cafe!
It was near to the hotel so I just walked around the corner and found this cute little place.

Got a flat white and chocolate raspberry cheesecake!
I also stopped by Tricafe for another coffee fix later during the trip.

One of myfavourite stops was Nase Maso, a little butcher shop which cooks the meat there fresh for you.

I got the dry-aged beef burger with cheese with a cup of beer (yes paper cup - then you pour it yourself) and it was delish

It's super juicy, it's worth the wait, try to go during off peak hours.

One of my night chat stops was Las Adelitas which does very decent Mexican food for a good price. Got some minty margaritas with a bowl of cheesy nachos and guacamole (they have drink deals and lunch specials!)

Just before leaving Prague, I visited the Jirak Farmer's Market and got some delicious flat whites and raspberry cheesecake covered in cocoa coconut crumbs (open on Wednesdays and Thursday)

To make sure I didn't leave without tasting some Czech cuisine, I also had a meal at Lokal Dlouhaaa (decent prices and freshly cooked tasty food)
Got the pork with potato dumplings and cabbage (left)
as well as the roast chicken with beetroot and spinach. 

I also ate at three other Asian restaurants but I was so hungry I forgot to take photographs before eating them all so here are their names. Both the second and third restaurants were really reasonable and tasty too!

1. NEB.O
2. Pho Vietnam
3. Pho Vietnam Tuan and Lan

What did I see?

The Narodni Museum (National Museum)

Franz Kafka's turning metallic head.

The love for Vaclav Havel (last president of Czechoslovakia)

The town square

Where there were street performers or bubble blowers.

What did I do?

1. I wandered around Prague to explore and just get a feel for the city since I had never been.

2. I went with the free Sandemans walking tour around Prague city centre to hear about its history and culture.

Such as the explanation of how the astronomical clock is able to tell time in four different manners and 'comes alive' every hour which isn't really an hour. 

3. I feasted our eyes on the Prague Castle at night.

And headed to explore it by day.

The grounds itself is free to enter but the several buildings within it needed individual tickets or a package ticket.

Since I wanted to make it worth our while, I got the Circuit A ticket which ended up at 175CZK per person as I was a student. This got me into about six or seven different buildings within the compound which was more than enough.

Visiting the castle was actually a good idea as the weather wasn't great and it was raining on that specific day. So it helped that I was able to run in between buildings for shelter.
So I didn't actually waste any of our holiday time cos of the rain!

4. On the Monday I headed to the Prague Zoo which was a lovely lovely experience.
I specifically chose the Monday as they had 'Happy Monday' prices which only cost 50CZK (€2) for a student! I absolutely love zoos so this was really a fun adventure.

This bird had attitude.

These birds were eyeing us up thinking I was possibly a threat (you're allowed to go into the bird area). Because several moments later, a whole fleet of birds charged at me from the other side and surrounded us. It was pretty amusing. I got out though.

This little baby hippo was sleeping underneath his parents and I had no idea till the parents woke up and a little one stumbled upon the room. They then proceeded to play catch in slow motion under the water. Was great.

Probably the most adorable part of the zoo was seeing this spider monkey caring for its young. 

5. As a totally different activity, I tried our hand at shooting at the Avim Praha shooting range.
I got my hands on fifty 9mm bullets and a CZ75 and had a personal instructor with me. The total experience ended up being  €25 which included the protective gear and targets. 

It was a really fun experience. Quite the adrenaline rush I must say. It required so much concentration, I don't know how people do it within an uncontrolled setting.

6. I paid a visit to the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Admission for students were 90CZK and is even cheaper if you're an Art student.

The exhibitions within the centre rotates every so often so it is a really dynamic and everchanging place. I got to see the Gulliver Airship, Havel and Material 307 exhibitions. Best part was I got to explore the inside of the Gulliver Airship by ourselves!

One more country down, many more to go.

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