Saturday, 20 May 2017

My serendipity

Having finished my final examinations just a week ago, I suddenly have all this free time on my hands! 
It's great that I no longer feel guilty for aimlessly wandering around town. 
Luckily enough, this coincided with the very rare sight of sunlight in Ireland.

Lorcan also came up to Dublin as it was exactly this time last year where we first met in Madrid on a walking tour. We thought it'd be kinda cute to do something special for it so we had a lovely jam-packed date day.

So we began at the Iveagh Gardens.

And it led us to a slightly secret garden.

To reminisce on our meeting in Spain, we attended a concert in the Royal Irish Academy of Music where Lucas Falcao performed several Spanish favourites on his flute accompanied by Dearbhla Brosnan on the piano. It was entitled "Entre Tres Mares" or "In Beween Three Seas".

The performance was absolutely gorgeous and very intimate in the Organ Room upstairs. It was also nice to return to the very room where we got several training sessions during my time in Trinity Singers.

Lorcan brought me to Chai-Yo, a teppanyaki restaurant where the chef cooks your dinner right in front of you! It was really exciting as I've only ever seen this in movies or video clips online.

We decided to order an array of meats.

Which he then sizzled to perfection coupled with the many tricks up his sleeve (e.g. balancing and throwing eggs with a spatula into his chef hat)

And things got pretty heated that night too!

To cool things off we headed to Drury Buildings for cocktails.

Purple Rain.

Salted Caramel Martini.

And also, inspired by Five Hundred Days of Summer, I finally got my date in IKEA. 
Only took me 23 years.

My serendipity. 

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