Friday, 16 June 2017

Taste of Dublin: Happy Tummies, Happy Hearts

For those who know me well, they know I love food.
I don't know if there's any moment in time where I'm not thinking about it - what groceries to buy, what to cook, what to eat - they're pretty much the thoughts that occupy my mind 24/7.

So when I heard there is a food festival right in the centre of Dublin I was super excited and wanted to go! 

Basically, Taste of Dublin is a collaboration of well-known eateries, food companies, chefs, who came together to share their tasty treats with us. They used florins as their currency on-site, which were basically money tokens. 

Since food tastes way better when shared, I brought another foodie along with me!
We went for the Friday lunch slot from 12-4PM and got online tickets with the lovinlunch voucher code for €18.75 each. This also entitled us to 12 free florins!

So really we only had to pay €6.75 for the entry to the festival in contrast to those who arrived on the day and had to pay €20 just for entry and zero florins!

The first place we stopped by was the Infusion by Barry's Tea where we got a lovely free taster of two of their tea-infused cocktails. They had a traffic light cocktail concoction going on there and they were absolutely delicious.

The three flavours they had were:-

1) Green Tea Mojito - Barry’s Green Tea, Skyy vodka, basil syrup, fresh mint, lime, and soda water 

 2) Berry Fizz - Barry’s Very Berry, Hendrick's Gin, cranberry juice, Irish Elderflower Cordial, fresh lemon,  and soda water. 

 3) Golden DEW - Barry’s Gold Blend, Tullamore D.E.W., ginger & Irish Honey Syrup, lime. and ginger ale.

We eyed up some sinful treats by The Cupcake Bloke but we decided to hunt for proper food first before munching on desserts.

Next, Callum, spotted the SO Prosecco truck, his weakness.

So we had some Prosecco at about lunch time. Acceptable time I would think.

Then we learnt that it was Tapas Day! And one of the girls manning the signs asked if we wanted a free Polaroid, so why not?!

Then, we obviously had to eat some tapas made by The Porthouse

So, we had the Paella of Rabbit, Duck, Chicken, Green and White Beans.

We discovered the chill beanbag area!! Unfortunately, all the beanbags were taken so.... 
Alas, we did not get to relax on them but we managed to wander off to more important things..

Our greedy eyes veered over to Wines of Rioja.
We went a little wild at this place and got three dishes. First we got some tortilla (Spanish omelette).

We also go the Chorizo al Vino (oh so delicious).

And the Pulpo - octopus (I loved it!)

To make the food go down well, some live music was lovely to have - with a random few people in the crowd dancing around to The Swing Cats.

Also, the weather was absolutely perfect for all this food, fun, and frenzy.

Our stomachs wandered off to the Taste of Thailand section!

The Thai food stall was manned We got some delicious Thai food made by Saba!

Behold, a lovely lamb curry with red and brown rice topped with some greenery.

We got a couple of wine tasters thanks to Beaujolais Wines, who came all the way from France! 
I personally know nothing about wine but Callum did, and thanks to him we got to sample several different wines!

There was a wide, wide selection of different alcoholic drinks on the green - wine, cocktails, beer, you name it.

Along with all of that, the festival was filled with free tasters (which was great). For example, we got some free cookies by The Dublin Cookie Company, shrimp pasta by Barilla, bread with garlic butter by Improper Butter, and coffee from Lavazza.

As we came to a close with our savoury dishes, we looked around for dessert and found a cute little Gino's Gelato car. But, since we tend to get Gino's relatively often, we decided to veer off to find more.

So we got desserts by Couverture Premium Dessert instead!

I had the Belgian Chocolate Mousse while Callum had the Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse!

I also then got a little Portuguese egg tart from The Natural Bakery to go.

After making a last stop at the Barry's Infusion Cocktail Bar for a final green tea mojito, we both left with our tummies and hearts filled. Definitely a little bit on the pricey side if not for the fallen florins that we found but...

I'll be back next year!!

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