Sunday, 13 August 2017

Malaysia: Good food and company

After two long years, I finally made it back to Malaysia!
Since this is my last summer before official adult life starts come September,
I wanted to just have a fun-filled summer.

Week one in Malaysia was spent catching up with all my family and friends over lots of delicious food. I also pampered myself with nice spa treatments (e.g. massage, facial, pedicure) with the help of discount vouchers from Fave. 

So here's a summary of the delicious things I ate and the familiar faces I met.

Delicious pan mee at Chilli Pan Mee, SS15, Subang Jaya.
Photo is prior to the addition of spicy chillies (which is within a glass jar on the table)

Bak kut teh at Chuan Bak Kut Teh, SS14, Subang Jaya

Maggi goreng mamak at Murni's, USJ9

Limau Ais at Murni's, USJ9

Garlic cheese naan at Murni's, USJ9

Beef and chicken satay skewers with spicy satay sauce at
Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Damansara Uptown

Not to forget that satay is incomplete without rice ketupat (smooshed roasted rice in pleated palm leaves), onions, and cucumber slices!
Fresh coconuts also compliment them too.

It's been awhile since I've had anything duriany, so I found this durian cheese tart while wandering around in Subang Parade!

Although not Malaysian, deliciousness doesn't discriminate.

Chasiu Ramen with a creamy delicious egg at Marutama Ramen, Empire Mall

Unlimited flow of banana leaf rice at Nirvana, Bangsar

This delicious food could not have been eaten if it weren't for the wonderful family and friends that made time to catch up with me.

1. Family

Mama (Granny)


2. Secondary school

Jessica, Zhu En, Annesha, Xin Xing

Zhu En, Choon THye, Alan, Lawrence

I actually also met up with Shu Ling but unfortunately forgot to take a photo :'(

3. Seafieldians

Chee Kin

Wei Yng

4. Church Friends


Charlotte (also met up with Joben but we forgot to take a photo!)


And finally an old gaming friend, Keith

Pretty much the past entire week was filled with chatting and food. 

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