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Audrey Chew Ernern

What began as a twelve year old's ranting space has evolved into an online diary. Writing has always been in my DNA and although it may seem just like event reporting, I love having the ability of returning to my previous episodes in life with the click of a button - regardless of how humiliating they may be.

I grew up in Subang Jaya, Malaysia with a mixture of Chinese and Baba Nyonya heritage. Life took an unexpected turn when I was 16 and it brought me to Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland in 2010.

During my years in Killaloe, I wrote a fortnightly column with the New Straits Times in Malaysia about my experiences as an international secondary school student, provided piano lessons to children, and worked in the local Chinese takeaway.

After completing the Irish Leaving Certificate I moved up to Dublin to study Psychology and Sociology at Trinity College Dublin and found myself working as a Global Ambassador in Trinity's Global Room. Maintaining my love for music, I've been singing with the Trinity College Singers from day one and was honoured to be their PR Officer for both my second and third year of university.

My university summers have brought me back to Malaysia, adventuring in Korea, inter-railing and couchsurfing across Europe, teaching English in Poland and interning with Stint Ireland.

These experiences have opened my eyes to the beauty of diversity, the endless opportunities there are to exploring the world, and understanding one of life's most complicated creations - people.